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5 best cities to visit in winter | short winter getaway for the summer lovers

we love the summer!

sunshine, beach, coconuts and palm tree - this is what we made of, we are salty people!

But there's that time of the year, when it getting a little chilly at night, so you need to put those bikinis and flip flops in the closet, pack your coat and gloves and go someplace cold!

As a summer people, love to take short (but sweet) winter trips - to feel the winter vibes, getting our magic winter fix, and head right back to sunny destinations.

If you are the same, we made this list just for you.

1. Vienna, Austria - Magic is in the air
Photo By : Unknown

There are some cities that are just magical.

You don't know why, how, when or what is it exactly - but the place get you hooked.

Vienna is full of culture, European classics, the opera, amazing architectures,

and at Christmas, the city filled with decorations, fairy lights, and Christmas markets.

All you can expect from a European city for the perfect winter getaway.

2. Budapest, Hungary - The (real) city of Lights

We Love Paris, we really do, but for us - Budapest is the city of lights.

Budapest was made for winter vacations. in winter, the city comes to life and every corner is decorated with fairy lights and a romantic atmosphere.

To have a Goulash soup for dinner next to a fireplace in front of the Parliament Building view, trust us, you can not beat this.

3. Prague, Czech Republic - Old Gothic Fairy tale

Prague is one of those places that make you feel like you're in some kind of Harry Potter meets old vampire movie kind of town. and we absolutely love it! the Gothic feel mixed with the European old vibe is incredible. Prague is a place you can walk and explore the streets for hours and you wouldn't get enough.

4. Paris, France - The classic choice

OK for this one, there's really not much we need to say to sell this option. Paris is everything. in winter, in summer, definitely in spring - you can never go wrong with Paris. Paris always gives us what we're looking for, and in winter, walking around those french rainy streets with a cup of coffee - is perfection. besides, our favorite monument in the world will ever be the Eiffel Tower - twinkle at night. obsessed.

5. New York City, USA

Don't Tell us NYC is not a dream. every movie, every show, every time we sew (OK Sapir sew) Carrie Bradshaw walking down the street in her fur coat (hope it's not a real one), running to take a cub to be with Miranda on the new years eve countdown when it all was snowy and perfect, ohhh... New York is the dream, The city has A vibe like no other, and when you walk around Central Park when it's cold, you feel like you're in a movie, or at least an Extra in the background.

So pack your warm clothes and book a long weekend in one of those amazing cities to get your short, but sweet - winter fix.

do you think there are more cities who should have been at the list? Let us know!

Waiting to hear your comments :)


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