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Hotel Review - The Park, Goa (Baga & Calangute)

Calangute & Baga are both located on the north side of Goa, very close to each other. The Park brand created 2 hotels - one located by the beach. and the other by the river. They both share the same values but have a completely different vibe. we've stayed at both properties of "The Park" bard, so we can tell you about our experience at both of them. Goa is huge, there are big differences between both sides - The north is more vibrant, with a variety of nightlife, stores and restaurants, and in the south, you can only find luxury resorts and quiet beaches.


Both hotels have a great location and they located 10 minutes from each other. The Park Baga is located in a private and more quiet area, next to the beautiful Goa river, And the Park Calangute is on the beach. in the middle of the town.

In Goa, you travel around with a scooter mostly, and you can get everywhere in a few minutes drive. the main street with a lot of shops and restaurants is exactly in the middle of the way between the hotels, so you can easily reach both of them.


The Park has a cool motto - "Anything but ordinary" and they follow it in both of their properties. When we first arrived, we've been welcomed with a fresh juice, a flower crown for Sapir and a seashells necklace for Daniel. The stuff in both of the hotels were super friendly and welcoming, and we felt really special.

The reception decor at The Park Baga was more colorful, vibrant and a lot of eclectic items around, and at The Park Calangute, the decor of the reception area is more modern and clean.

The Park Baga is the only Adults only hotel in Goa, and has a special approach to create a unique vacation for couples, and The Park Calangute has a laid back vibe, chilled and beachy - suitable for families as well.


Ok, we really loved both hotels, and all the rooms had something special in them, but we have to be honest - at The Park Baga, our room was absolutely AMAZING! it was huge, we had a private garden, 2 balconies, a living room, a super big bed, a bathtub and a huge shower. it was such a great room!

You can see that they put the effort to create beautiful and comfortable rooms in both resorts, at The Park Calangute we switched between the honeymoon suite with a big floor bathtub, and the ocean view room. both were great, comfy and well decorated.

At both hotels, we got special treats to our room daily, like chocolate, fruits, drinks and flowers. the most beautiful and thoughtful gift we got, was a personal note signed by the whole crew to welcome us, with our photo! (how cute is this?)


On this subject - we can not give more compliments! The Park really knows how to take care of their guests. we felt completely spoiled,

there was not one thing we asked for and haven't got.

they really want to make their guests feel comfortable, and even offered to cook especially for us everything we want - off the menu. everything we ate was amazing and super yummy, the prices are very affordable, and there's so much to choose from (even at breakfast!).

more than that, Daniel has celebrated his birthday during our stay at The Park Calangute, and they kept surprising us with balloons, cakes, flowers - at dinner, the room and even breakfast. they were so sweet and we couldn't thank them more!


Besides the fact you can take your scooter and go to the main street, there's a lot to do at the hotels. The dinner at The Park Baga is served by the pool, with a lot of candles and music, a super romantic atmosphere.

You can also book a private movie night on the roof of the hotel under the stars.

At the Park Calangute, you can eat dinner in front of the sunset at the rooftop bar of the hotel, while smoking shisha and having cocktails. we love the chilled nice vibe, and we feel its enough activities at this kind of vacation, where you can always head out to the town and party there.


Anything but ordinary - its the brand motto, and they are definitely trying to maintain this approach. More than anything, they want you to feel special, and they are doing whatever they can to make sure of it, We got a lot of surprises in our room, smiles every time we met someone from the stuff, and every request was answered in "yes!".

we loved it, and we definitely recommend both of the properties in your next visit to Goa.


THE PARK RIVER BAGA Location - 4.5/5 - the hotel is a little bit more distance from the main street, but if you're with a scooter there's no problem with it. Decor - 5/5 - There's high attention to the little details at the hotel, super colorful and fun. Food & Beverage - 5/5 - loved the food, love the fact you can order off the menu as well. Room - 5/5 - HUGE! beautiful suite, garden, balconies, big bed, bathtub, shower and even sports equipment. Service - 5/5 - The best stuff, super friendly, make you feel special. Activities - 4 - we feel that because the town has a lot of nightlife, there are not a lot of activities at the hotel - but has nice romantic vibes anyways.


Location - 5/5 - The hotel is in the middle of the town, and has access to the beach - which is always a big plus! Decor - 4.5/5 - the decor is clean, natural and more on the white tones. Food & Beverage - 5/5 - again. awesome food, a lot of options and you can order whatever you want! love having our food at the rooftop in front of the ocean. Room - 4.5/5 - the rooms are nice, well decorated, spacious and comfortable. Service - 5/5 - perfect! they even helped and ordered mehndi artists to the hotel especially for us! Activities - 3.5 - The "Peace and love" rooftop bar is awesome to have dinner in front of the sunset, shisha and cocktails.


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