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How to plan the perfect honeymoon

Yey! It's time to plan your honeymoon, but how to start?

I made a list of top 10 tips to make sure your honeymoon will be the best it can be :

1. Flight or wait?

Don't rush it.

I know, in all the movies its always sounds dreamy to hop on a plane straight from you wedding, but wait.

After your wedding, you'll be so high and it's actually the best part.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy the time with your friends and family and talk about all the juice you missed on your wedding day (well, cause you're the bride)

all the funny and awesome moments from your wedding and just live that moment a little longer.

2. Location, Location, Location!

be open minded.

Forget about your friends honeymoon and the places everybody goes to.

Be unique. Be yourself.

What do you like? Where did you always dreamed of going? Nothing is impossible.

First think where is your perfect place, than see when you can go. With the sea of options today,

nothing is out of reach. Just decide.

3. Find the Perfect Dates

after you pick your place, see what is your traveling options.

When is the right time to take time of work?

Don't be cheap on your vacation days.

Make your honeymoon as long as possible.

You're young, you're in love, so make it longer than your usual trips.

When you find your dates, check the weather on your vaca destination.

Check if its high or low season, if there's any special holidays or events there,

sometimes even a day can make the different.

4. Do it all yourself

You're no longer need to use traveling agents to book your vacation.

Today is so easy to find everything yourself and get the most objective reviews on the hotels online, and obviously- a better prices.

I added all my booking to go website and tips the relevant sections, don't worry!

5. Order flights and hotels separately

Order you flight, and later the hotel.

it can be much cheaper and you can find the best hotels.

When it's a fixed vacation package,

you limited by the traveling company or website to choose only the hotels they working with.

And when you book it alone, you can choose from hundreds of options.

6. Book your flight

Don't book flights without checking different sites, or at least a prices compares site.

I personally use skyscanner,

there's more sites, but i find it the cheapest and most reliable.

If you're going to a long trip, don't be scared by stops or a late arrival flight,

you have so much time, and you can save this money to spend it in the Duty free ;)

Before booking your flight, check all the small details like luggage therms,

or even an upgrade to a better seat on a low price

(we upgraded our seats to a premium seats in 130 dollars,

and it was amazing for a long flight)

7. Choose the hotel

Again, don't rush to order in your normal sites.

Check everything online.

I did a triple check before ordering the hotels,

I check the hotels options on TripAdvisor for the best reviews,

Booking for the best hotel photos, and Trivago for the best prices.

It's sounds long and exhausting, but its worth it for the most accurate results.

Another tip, always check on the official website of the hotel,

you never know, i found the Melia website has better prices even from Trivago.

8. Don't be lazy

Know your s***.

Do background check on every place you're going to visit.

I found so many attractions and fun stuff to do after a online search.

I don't really know English website with great visitors tips besides TripAdvisor,

but in Israel we have a great one Lametayel,

which is amazing to find out other people's tips and experiences.

9. Don't be cheap

Money comes and goes.

Really, when will you ever have the money to travel like you want?

When will you ever say ok it's enough money?

We work hard. SPEND IT!

Use your money, but in the right way.

Always try to find what you like, in the cheapest price possible.

You don't have to fly first class or be at the most expensive hotel to feel amazing.

You be surprised the things you can find with in your budget. Just be ready to work a little harder to find it.

Don't save money on experiences.

You may never be there again,

don't lose a once in a lifetime chance to do something you interested in.

10. And most important - Have fun!

Be a free spirit and come with an open mind.

Sometimes things doesn't go as planned.

Take it as it is.

You're in a vacation with the love of your life, who cares?!

Be ready to be spontaneous if possible and planned as needed,

and besides, the worst moments makes the best memories (and stories).


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