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Zanzibar - when, where, what?

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

After 2 long visits on the beautiful island of Zanzibar,

we decided to share our experience with you and let you know all the details about our trip.

so, first things first,


we visited the island once in the high season and once in the low season.

Zanzibar have tropical weather, so the temperatures are pretty high all year long.

At the low season, you can experience some rainy or cloudy days,

but on the high season, we had 2 full rainy days too - so you can never know.

The island is pretty private and not super crowded,

so low or high season - both nice and peaceful to visit.


we stayed in a few different resorts at the island, and we chose our top 3 resorts to stay in Zanzibar :

If you're searching for complete luxury - from the decor to the hospitality - this is the place for you.

the hotel area is build of gorgeous white super luxury villas.

you can choose between a private beachfront villa - with 2 floors, private pool, and outdoor bath and shower, or to take the cinnamon room, which has a private outdoor hot tub.

All the options are amazing, but we totally recommend to spoiled yourself and take the private villa. the food is amazing, the beach is private and quiet. the staff in the place is super nice welcoming and you truly feel like royalty.

price range : expensive - but worth it!

# The island - Pongwe

This is one of the most amazing and unique accommodation options in Zanzibar.

The hotel is super tiny, boutique, with only 5 villas and 1 incredible suit.

the highlight of this hotel is the fact that "the island", is really an island!

A small, natural, green and beautiful rock in the middle of the ocean.

If you already know, in Zanzibar, the ocean has really clear high and low tide differences during the day. at the time the tide is high, all the island is surrounded by beautiful blue water, and in low tide, the white soft sand is exposed.

beside the amazing surrounding, the stag is super nice, especially Ara and Kidogo, the 2 adorable dogs that greet you when you arrive. the hotel has a great restaurant on-site, with an amazing ocean view from all around.

price range : Medium

# Baladin - Pingwe

First of all, to us - this hotel located on one of the best beaches in Zanzibar.

the hotel itself is so beautiful! you can choose from a beach bungalow to an ac suit - both amazing - we were lucky enough to try them both.

Besides being a hotel, Baladin is a beer brand.

this is the only place on the island where you can get tap beer!

and it's local. I mean, how cool is this? - the hotel makes his own beer!

again, super nice staff, amazing italian food!

and the excursions - are really affordable!

price range : Budget


So, what there is to do in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is an amazing island, but it's mostly peaceful and relaxing.

The north side of the island has known for a more bubbly nightlife, but we haven't stayed at this side of the island.

Zanzibar offers amazing, white sand, blue water beaches.

Unbelievable sunsets and incredible sunrise.

you can go on adventures like ATV, starfish snorkeling, sandbank trips, boat rides and even whale sharks snorkeling when it's the right season,

But we mainly offer you to come, relax on the beach, and embrace nature.

some tips:

* bring some small gifts and toys for the local children - like pens, whistle. stickers, or whatever you want, they will love it!

* Zanzibar is not a place to drive alone, don't rent a car or scooter and just take a cab or a driver from the hotel.

* Please don't touch the starfishes - the locals will tell you its ok but its really harm them.

* you can book your excursions through the local salesmen on the beach, they are nice and this is their livelihood. and they probably give you better prices than the hotel.

* Don't pack your stuff in plastic bags, Zanzibar has a new law that forbids getting in the island with plastic bags (amazing idea).

if you have any more questions! feel free to reach out!

have a blast! :)


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