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Hotel Review - Kanak, Jaisalmer

When we just started to plan our trip to India, we already knew that no matter what - we will visit Jaisalmer.

It's not easy, Rajasthan is huge, there's so much to see there, and we only had one week for this area.

Jaisalmer is located at the end of Rajasthan, and it took us 12 hours to get there from Jaipur.

don't worry, there's a direct flight, and if you decide to drive there are many stops on the way, but we decided to drive straight there - which was a mistake, but that's what helps us find Kanak.

we haven't booked any hotel, and we didn't even plan to stay in the desert. but on the way there we found Kanak on Instagram and decided to spend both of our nights in Jaisalmer - at the desert camp.

it was totally a last-minute decision and turned out to be one of the best we took.


Jaisalmer - The golden city, is located 575 km west of Rajasthan capital Jaipur.Adding to the fact that the location and city are special at itself, the desert is the real highlight of Jaisalmer.

Kanak camp is located in the desert, about 30 minutes from the city, and the camp have full privacy and no other camps around. also, the famous Sam dunes are just a few minutes away.

When you arrive at the camp, you feel totally relaxed and connect ed to the nature.


Once we got to the area the hotel's jeep came and pick us up from the main road.

we started our journey on an open 4x4 branded jeep and we already felt excited and knew we made a good choice.

we stopped at the reception area and welcomed by Bhawani smile, we've served fresh juice and hot towels to freshen up. The reception area is decorated in a desert, sophisticated chic, and the whole camp is colored in the natural shades of the desert.


We've got the Jaipur tent, which is actually a suite.

The tent is super luxuries, with a nice sitting area, a big shower, a comfortable king-size bed,

and fully occupied with electricity.

the highlight of the tent is definitely a private plunge pool at the backside in front of the desert sunset just for us.

We love glamping! its the only way we do camping - we got slippers and bathrobes, a coffee kit, and the tent had heat and air condition just in case. we absolutely loved our tent and felt in a luxury camp for sure.


From the moment we arrived, we felt spoiled.

They team takes care of your menu from the morning till evening.

when we watched a show in the evening pre-dinner, we've served yummy treats and cold beers.

when we went on a camel ride to watch the sunset, we got hot coffee and tea with some homemade cookies.

The breakfast is a traditional Indian breakfast, full of yummy options and tasty treats (Indian bread is our favorite for sure) and you can get omelettes and toast if you want to.

We felt like nothing was missing, and we really enjoyed the pampering and the attention to details we got.


We chose to spend 2 nights at Kanak and in our opinion - you can't go for any less.There's so much to do!

first, we went on a jeep ride at the dunes, we played with our drone and drove around the sand,

it was super fun and the dunes are just breathtaking!

At sunset time we took to a camel ride in another part of the dunes, and the camp arranged us a table and chairs in the middle of the desert, to watch the sunset with local music and coffee.

The dunes are perfect, and this sunset experience was one of the best we ever did,

you couldn't be helped by feels like you're in the middle of a scene from Aladdin or Arabian fairy tale, it was insane.

We LOVED it! The rest of the time we just chilled at our camp, every night we had a music performance by a local band, and then we set outside our tent and watch the stars.

for us, it was a perfect schedule and activity options.


We couldn't compliment enough.We haven't tried any other camp, but without it, we still believe Kanak is special.The service, the thought about the little details, we think it just can't get any better than this.The team let us know they are planning to expand and build a spa on the property (come on, what else can you ask for?) so we think there's so much more to look for on Kanak. we truly, full-hearted - recommend this camp!


Location - 5/5 - perfect location and close to the main attraction - Sam dunes.

Decor - 5/5 - Natural colors, elegant feel, luxuries details.

Food & Beverage - 5/5 - A lot of options, very tasty, snacks during the day.

Room - 4.5/5 - beautiful comfy room, a little cold in the shower because it's still a tent, but other than this - perfect.

Service - 5/5 - super friendly staff, very welcoming and gives a lot of attention to their guests.

Activities - 4.5 - when they will open the spa, it will definitely make it a 5/5, we left room for improvement. but, the activities for now are absolutely amazing!


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