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6 days in paradise

We booked our flight with Skyscanner, from Israel to Varadero threw Frankfurt,

with Condor airlines.

Super important tip about Cuba : you'll need to get a visa to get in to cuba from Israel.

I'm really a the kind of person who does her homework and i really thought i got it all covered but somehow, i missed it.

All this part of my post is about the visa and all the problems we had Because of it,

so I'll save it for the Hebrew version. :)

Another super important tip about Cuba : your suitcases can be late.

Pack everything you'll need for the first couple of days of you vacation,

cuse unfortunately it's very common for cuba to make mistakes with travelers luggages.

We got our suitcases after full 5 days (!) And there's nothing to buy at Cuba,

besides a lame dress i bought in the hotel gift shop. /:

We have to say something about our flight : Condor airlines.

We hate long flights and condor made our way so much easier.

We upgraded our seats to the premium economy and we had a 2 seats only line.

My seat was by the window and Daniel's seat was on the aisle- just how we like it.

Condor have a media package with tons of movies and tv shows, and we got a nice lunch and wine.

We're highly recommend to fly with Condor!

Anyways, after a long flight we finally arrived to cuba,

but, as i said before- we didn't get our luggages for 5 days.

Obviously, there was hysterical crying on the airport when we found out the suitcases aren't there, but i tried to come Daniel down and explained him that hos embarrassing me 😂

Well, it sure doesn't sounds like the honeymoon of your dreams,

but I'm here to tell the truth- for better and for worst ;)

And it's only going to get better :)

so after our bad start with the suitcases - we tried to get the best of the situation and realy dig the vibe of Varadero.

so we just took the time to chill, and enjoyed our hotel.

so lets start with the best - the beach. wow! wow! and did i said wow already?!

we arrived at night and went straight to sleep. we got a bit jet leg for the first 2 weeks (!) of our trip so we woke up super early almost every morning. but the upside of it - we got to see the most amazing sunrises!

The first time we got to see the beauty of our resort was at 6 AM the first morning, and we discover the amazing white sand blue water beach. just like a caribbean beach should look like.


4 stars all inclusive hotel - from the Melia brands.

We spent most of our time in Varadero at the hotel, just cause there's not a lot to do in Varadero, and were super lazy travelers. :)

The hotel was amazing!

we passed the days next to the pool with a lot of cocktails. we took walks on the beach and ate a lot.

the hotel have an amazing Entertainment and every night was a different show.

The food was great. for some reason a lot of people are saying that Cuba has a bad food,

but we really liked it,

the hotel have 5 different Restaurants, and there's ice cream and juice bar next to the pool. be ready to hit the gym after a few days here!

our favorite part on this islands trips - is to rent a scooter and drive around the island.

we took the bike and drove to the city center,basically looked for a store to buy some clothes cause didn't had any, but like i said before - there is nothing to buy here!!

the city itself is pretty boring. we walk around the market and went for a few beaches, but this is really all Varadero has to offer.

so if you just want to kick back and relax - it can totally work for you.


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